What We Do

Assisting You in Selecting the Correct Path for Developing Your Business.

Assisting You in Selecting the Correct Path for Developing Your Business.

Assisting You in Selecting the Correct Path for Developing Your Business.



ChinAmerica Legal Advisors, PLLC advises clients on the following matters:


• Diagnostic Aptamers
• Therapeutic Aptamers
• Aptamer-Prodrugs
• Stem Cells
• Immunotherapy


• IP Protection and Dispute Settlement
• Trade Secrets
• Copyright
• Trademark
• Global Product Branding
• Patent
• Domain Names
• USPTO and Foreign Patent Defensibility Analysis


• Formation of a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in P.R.C.
• Designing Investment and Corporate Governance Structures
• Due Diligence of Prospective Business Partners
• Negotiating and Drafting Legal Documents (e.g. Project Proposals, Feasibility Studies, Joint Venture Contracts, and Ancillary Contracts)
• Negotiating and Drafting Business Agreements Related to Contributed Investments Both In-Kind and in Cash
• Transferring Shares, Re-Organization and Liquidation of Foreign-Invested Enterprises
• Advising on Company Registration after Obtaining Business License
• On-going Support after the Entity is Established (e.g. Serving as Retained Legal Advisers, Attending Board Meetings, Providing Support to Expatriates, and Advising on all of the New Company’s On-Shore Contracts)

Franchise Distribution

• Franchise Foundation, Structure and Compliance
• Franchise Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Franchise M&A/Strategic Growth Opportunities
• International Franchising
• Brand Positioning and Protection

International Business Development

• Negotiation and Drafting of International Business Transaction Documents
• Technology Transfer Agreements
• Research and Development and Collaboration Agreements
• International Legal and Political Risk Analysis
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Negotiation and Drafting of Stock Purchase Agreements
• Negotiation and Drafting of Asset Purchase Agreements
• Joint Ventures
• M&A
• OEM Agreements
• License Agreements
• Franchise Agreements
• Import/Export
• Distributorship and Sales Agreements
• Representation Agreements
• Production Sharing Agreements
• Public-Private Partnerships
• Privatizations

Chinese Outbound Investment

• Providing Assistance to Clients in Determining Suitable Investment Objectives, Regions, and Forms of Investment
• Research and Identification of Potentially Suitable International Business Development Opportunities
• Research and Evaluation of the Legal and Regulatory Environment in the Target Countries
• Selection of and Coordination with ChinAmerica Legal Advisors International Legal Counsels, Financial Advisers and Other Intermediaries and Coordination with In-House Counsels
• Website Design and Hosting
• Designing Investment and Corporate Governance Structures
• Advising on Domestic Approval Procedures and Coordination of Chinese and Target-Country Formalities and Overall Project Milestones
• Coordinating Due Diligence Exercises and Evaluation and Assessment of Legal Risks
• Drafting, Reviewing, Modifying Legal Documents and Participating in Negotiations
• Assisting Clients in Handling Any Antitrust Review Issues Within or Outside the Target Jurisdiction
• Dealing with Problems or Disputes Related to Overseas Investments and Acquisitions, and Assisting Clients in Project Closings and Post-Transaction Issues


• Angel Financing
• Venture Capital
• Royalty-based Crowdfunding
• Royalty-based Financing


• Formation and Capitalization
• Fiduciary Duties of Officers and Directors
• Employment Agreements and Consulting Agreements

Litigation US

• Complex Business Litigation
• Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)
• Civil RICO
• Oil Pollution Act of 1990
• False Claims Act
• Domestication and execution of foreign judgments under the Uniform Foreign Money Judgment Recognition Act (UFMJRA)

Renewable Energy Climate Change

• Advanced Biofuel Production: Decentralized Network of Sweet Sorghum-to-Ethanol Small Advanced Biofuel Manufacturing Facilities
• Wind Energy
• Thorium Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors
• Renewable Energy Project Development, Structuring and Financing
• Developing and Implementing Government Programs to Promote and Regulate Renewable Energy Development
• Climate Change Project Development, Structuring and Financing
• Project Registration and Certification Under the Kyoto Protocol and Other Programs
• Voluntary and Regulated Carbon Markets in the United States
• Drafting and Negotiating Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements

Global Project Financing Support

• The International Finance Corporation (IFC)
• The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
• The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC)
• The Asian Development Bank (ADB)
• The Export-Import Bank of the United States (ExIm Bank)
• The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC))

Marine Transportation
Oil and Gas
Real Estate
Retail and Consumer Products
US Immigration Visas