The Team

ChinAmerica Legal Advisors, PLLC is not merely a law firm serving global clients. Our scientists, engineers, attorneys and marketing team will make sure your international expansion efforts are successful.


We are a full-service international business development firm which primarily serves American companies looking to enter China or transfer late-stage biomedical technology to China. We also serve the needs of the growing number of Chinese investors and business entities in their aim to expand into the markets of the U.S., Mexico, the Republic of Cuba, Central America, and South America. Each ChinAmerica Legal Advisors team member in these markets is carefully selected and brought on board to address the specific goals and objectives of each client’s unique international business development project.


Our clients don’t come to us for a preselected, plain vanilla team of lawyers with preconceived, off-the-shelf ideas. Our clients come to us because of our broad-based international business experience, attention to detail and innovation.


Our objective is to make a difference for our clients - to help them identify new opportunities and overcome challenges at every stage of international growth.


In sum, ChinAmerica Legal Advisors, PLLC is the ideal international business development adviser both for Chinese companies who want to explore overseas markets, and for foreign companies that want to invest in China.


Due to regulatory restrictions, ChinAmerica Legal Advisors, PLLC, like all foreign international law firms, does not practice P.R.C. law and can only provide information on the Chinese legal environment and views and analysis based on our own understanding and past experience. In circumstances where formal legal opinion on Chinese law is required, we work with our domestic counsel team members, all of whom are leaders in their field. Together, our team provides comprehensive business advice on all stages of inbound investment and participates in all aspects of the deal.